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Trip to the Tropical Spice Plantation

Keri, Ponda, Goa Mini Bird Sanctuary

Tropical Spice Plantation is located in Keri village of Ponda taluka in South Goa. This village untouched by pollution, is located 6 kilometers off Ponda City. Tropical Spice Plantation can also be reached from Panjim via Mardol. The Tropical Spice Plantation is spread over large tract of verdant land, which offers the effect setting for you to soak in a pure unadulterated nature. Guests are welcomed to the Spice plantation in a traditional way by offering an Aarti, Kumkum and garland of flowers. Then the guests are served herbal tea.

Goa Tropical Spice Plantation Guided Tour

Your guide will take you on a refreshing walk around the plantation, regaling you with information on various spices and there medicinal values. Turmeric, Ginger, Black pepper Cardamom, Nutmeg, vanilla, Cinnamon, Cloves, Chillies, Coriander and other spices. At Tropical Spice Plantation you can yourself see all these spices grow. You will also be introduced to the famous All Spice plant, which has aroma and taste of five spices. Around the Spice Plantation you will see Goa's traditional Plantation, Tropical tress like Cashew, Arecanut, Betelnut, Palm trees and Tropical Fruit like Star fruit, Jack Fruit Custurd, Apple, Bananas, Papaya and Pineapple. You can also see different types of Citrus Fruits.

Tropical Spice Plantation also has a few Coffee Plants, a rare sight in Goa. At Tropical Spice Plantation you can experience the thrill of watching a Kingfisher dive for his catch. You will also enjoy watching the monkeys as they frolic on the trees. The Tropical Spice Plantation guided tour will refresh your senses and make you fell a part of nature.

Authentic Traditional Goan Lunch

After your guided tour, you will be served an exquisite Goan lunch in our open air restaurant, where no walls separate's you from nature. Food is served in a traditional manner on a Banana leaf. To keep your spirits high we serve Goa's world famous Kaju Feni or Urraq which is a lighter version of Feni. You have a choice of Rice / Pulav Traditional fish Curry / Vegetable Curry, Fried Fish / Fried Potatoes, Chicken Xacuti, Veg Kurma, Papad and Lime Pickle and Sweet Dish. We offer fresh fruits along with traditional Goan dessert. The Tropical Spice Plantation lunch is a feast not only for your stomach but also for your senses.

Mini Bird Sanctuary

Over 75 species of birds are sighted within Tropical Spice Plantation. You can expects to see Birds of Paradise, Cuckoos, Koel, Cousals, Owls, Maina, Hornbills, Parrakeets etc. and even some rare and endangered species.

The experienced bird watcher and Novice will delight in watching these birds chirp away happily in their natural habitat. For once you feel one with nature. Tropical spice plantation services as mini Bird sanctuary, thus contributing to the conservation of Wildlife. To give you the closest possible view of the birds without disturbing them, we take you around the lake on a Paddle or row-boat.

Traditional Cashew Feni Distillation Unit

At the traditional Cashew Feni Distillation Unit, Cashew Feni Goa's world famous traditional liquor, which now has a GI marking is produced from the juice of Cashew apples. The juice is first fermented for 4 to 5 days and poured into the earthen pot. This juice is then distilled over fire and Feni is made by cooling the resultant vapor to liquid form.

Other Attractions At The Spice Farm

You can view the traditional betel nut plucker, affectionately referred to as Goa Tarzan by the farm management as he climbs arecanut palms to pluck betelnuts. He swings from tree to tree covering more than 60 trees before getting down. Several types of locally made authentic traditional handicraft made from coconut shell and wood are displayed here. Freshly extracted oils from various spices and herbs grown, at Tropical Spice plantation are also available.

Every visitor is given a small hamper containing an assortment of fresh spices from tropical Spice Plantation. Like the aroma of these spices, The Tropical Spice plantation experience will remain in your memory for long long time.

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